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Luka Leesker

I'm Luka Leesker

your friendly motion designer hailing from the picturesque countryside near Hamburg. Raised by two artistic musicians, I've been soaking up audio-visual aesthetics since day one. The fascination with motion design hit me at sixteen, but it truly blossomed during my aprenticeship for audio-visual media-design aboard the creativity flagship mBox bewegtbild GmbH.

Beyond pixels and vectors, I'm a musician at heart, weaving a symphony of art forms to craft unique experiences. Let's join forces and create images, moments, and laughter that have never graced the digital canvas before. Excited to start this creative journey with you!

Navigating the realms of motion design, art, and music, my sweet spot is the flow state. It's not about me; it's about diving into that zone where creativity naturally unfolds. Balancing design knowledge and client needs, I use the flow state as my trusty companion to shape ideas into tangible results.

My Approach

Let's co-create our next favourite project!


Luka Leesker

Indulge in the enchanting blend of jazzy piano nuances and infectious rhythmic beats. To get a taste of the music I produce, feel free to check it out on any streaming service of your choice.

My music

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